6 Signs of Alcoholism

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It could be difficult to tell if you or a loved one has signs of alcoholism. The effects of alcoholism can disrupt life in many ways. Below you will find a few key signs that can help you decide if you might need to seek help. It is our goal to provide immediate and ongoing support while you detox and begin the healing process.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence classifies alcoholism as a disease. Their definition is that alcoholism is a mental obsession that causes a physical compulsion to drink. One of the most classic signs of alcoholism is the inability to limit how often and how much one drinks. Every aspect of an individual’s life can be affected by alcoholism. This pattern of uncontrollable drinking begins to affect his or her life negatively. At Emerald Neuro Recover, we provide therapy and natural treatment programs to help you regain access to yourself get on the road to recovery. 

The Effects of Alcoholism 

In this paragraph I am going to talk about the effects of alcoholism and how it could be different for everyone. Everyone is affected differently by alcoholism so it makes sense that the recovery process be individualized as well. That is why it is important that individuality is key to our treatment plan at Emerald Neuro Recover because each person has different symptoms. Again, alcoholism can be drinking more than planned on weekends or feeling like you need a drink to function in everyday life. These show two different ways of many that alcohol can cause problems in everyday life. At Emerald Neuro Recover we strive to reduce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings that may make abstinence difficult. We do that with our NAD amino acid treatment. Support is also offered in counseling services so you are not alone at any point in the process of detox and recovery. 

Can you relate to these signs of alcoholism?

Here are some key warning signs that you or someone you love may have a problem with alcohol. 

  • Lack of control – This is the most obvious sign to watch out for is the inability to control drinking. This includes how often and how much at a time. 
  • Hiding drinking – This can be shown if you or someone you love continues to drink after others have quit, or if you feel the need to hide the drinking from friends or family.
  • Neglecting responsibilities – Jobs, marriage, or family/friend relationships end or are in jeopardy from a direct response of drinking. 
  • Guilt – If you feel any sort of guilt, anxiety, depression, etc from drinking it could be a sign there is a problem.
  • Coping method – When problems in life occur the only way for you to get them is to drink through them. If drinking is used to forget problems or otherwise deal with stress, this could be a sign of alcoholism.
  • Regularly over-drinking – If you drink and experience blackouts and/or extreme hangovers or regularly drink beyond the limit that causes dangerous blood alcohol content there could be a problem.

Professional Rehab can help

If your alcohol consumption if out of control, it may be time for you to take the first step in seeking professional addiction treatment.  At our clinic we provide individualized personal care with direct access to the doctor, nurses and therapists throughout each day.  Emerald Neuro Recover in Carmel, IN, is a non-traditional approach that has been successful for many recovering alcoholics.  We want to help you and your family on your path to successful sobriety with ongoing support. 

At Emerald Neuro Recover addiction to all substances, as well as, addiction to sexual obsessions, gambling, relationships, food and more can be treated.  The detox process that was designed to limit discomfort due to withdrawal. This is done as a day program in a safe, controlled, confidential environment where dignity and respect for you is a focus. Emerald Neuro Recover, which is located in Carmel, IN, also offers individual and group counseling to support your sobriety.

Rehab can help you overcome Alcoholism 

Alcoholism is a chronic and recurrent disease that has the power to control your life. Fortunately at Emerald Neuro Recover the detox process is not the only help you can receive. Your brain can begin healing as well and help you overcome your addiction with limited withdrawals. On your way to experiencing a happier, healthier and alcohol free life by taking the first step. Contact Emerald Neuro-Recover today at 317-606-8778.