NAD Amino Acid Treatments Changes Drug Rehab

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What are NAD amino acid treatments? Before you understand the process of NAD therapy, you might first want to know what it is. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This is a niacin co-enzyme that naturally occurs and aids in the production of energy by the cells within the body. It converts the energy that comes from the food we eat into cellular energy. Administering the NAD boosts the much-needed chemical levels in the body.

Why NAD Amino Acid Treatments Are Needed for Substance Abuse Treatment?

explanation-of-NAD-amino-acid-treatmentsNAD amino acid treatments are effective for overall health and substance abuse treatment. In both cases, amino acids can be greatly reduced in the body. This cause many different symptoms that are explained below. With drug and alcohol abuse they are greatly depleted in the body. When a person abuses alcohol and drugs the natural NAD present in the body becomes depleted. This makes it harder to convert the energy that comes from ingested food. In fact, it is assumed by most experts that people who have low NAD production tend to develop addictions and disorders that are potentially co-occurring. Apart from drugs and alcohol, other things that might cause the body to deplete its natural NAD include;

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Aging
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)
  • Parkinson’s’ disease
  • Alzheimer’s

How Does NAD Therapy Work?

NAD amino acid treatments are intravenously administered by qualified medical professionals. The co-enzyme is directed and placed in an IV drip that enables it to slowly drip into the bloodstream of the person. This enables the product to directly access the brain as opposed to it getting ingested and broken down in the stomach. The stomach is responsible for breaking down analgesic medication.

This helps the person get an energy boost that enhances awareness and the mood of the person. They get just as much energy as they would get from their natural sources. This has been claimed to slow down the aging process of the person. The benefit of NAD therapy has been seen to open the door to the provision of this service by clinics. They offer this service as a luxury such as a spa treatment.

How Long have NAD Amino Acid Treatments Been Available?

Believe it or not, it has been available since 1961. NAD amino acid treatments have many FDA approved medical procedures. It is just currently gaining popularity in the United States. Its first use has been recorded to be in South Africa. The first addiction treatment center to use it in the United States of America is situated in Springfield, Louisiana.

This treatment produces very few side effects. This is because it is not administered for a long period. The introduction of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins into the body for a short period has very minimal effects on the body. The only side effect that has been reported so far is a flu that passes rapidly.

Treatments Available for More Than Just Substance Abuse

Top-4-reasons-for-getting-NAD-amino-acid-treatmentsEmerald Neuro-Recover has opened their doors to using NAD therapy as a treatment plan for people who are not suffering from any drug and alcohol abuse-related symptoms. We have formulated special applications in the following areas;

  • anti-aging
  • energy booster
  • no-crash
  • mood-elevating

This is an all-natural holistic treatment. It provides energy and supports reverse aging. The is used as an alternative to rehabilitation because it is faster. We provide to the public regular appointments for treatment that can be topped up every six to eight weeks.

There are several important reasons to utilize NAD amino acid treatments. Drug and alcohol abuse depletes energy levels in the brain. This causes the brain to fail in receiving the energy it would from breaking down the ingested food. NAD therapy causes the brain to flood with the co-enzyme that aids it in replenishing the depleted energy. There are three key effects on the body;

  1. It helps the body to produce energy naturally instead of using alternative energy production sources such as sugar, caffeine that causes jitters or crash.
  2. Stops the opioid or alcohol cravings and reduces the effects of withdrawal symptoms. This is what people go to rehabilitation centers to do. This makes mental and physical recovery easier and faster.
  3. Cleanses the user’s system from drugs and alcohol, which makes it the perfect cleansing treatment.

How Long is the Treatment Process?

NAD amino acid treatments session length depends on the addiction severity and the recommendation of the clinic. After the first session at our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana facility, the person comes back for a follow-up session in about one month. Individuals will require support to supplement the NAD therapy to maintain a clear recovery path.

Most people do not know much about this treatment plan even though its treatment benefits are amazing. Regular boosts are needed to maintain the effects of the treatment. Most people see NAD  as a miraculous cure, even though it is far from the contrary. Even though it has been seen to ease the withdrawal symptoms effects and the cravings, it needs to be supplemented.

Top 7 Merits of NAD Amino Acid Treatments Therapy

remarkable-ways-NAD-amino-acid-treatments-help-with-overall-healthNAD amino acid treatments have many advantages in maintaining health. As stated above it is used for much more than substance abuse treatment and opiate detox. Amino acids are at the core of the human body. Without a long=term healthy diet, there is no other way for the body to get these essential building blocks.

  1. Restores athletic performance and muscle function thus works well for sports enthusiasts as they have enough energy to build muscle and train as they get the treatment they require. This keeps them active and less likely to go back to abusing alcohol drugs.
  2. Reduces the overall body fatigue since the energy levels of the cells in the body are boosted. This creates enough energy to enable a person to work on their physical health as they get treated for their addiction symptoms.
  3. Boosts the energy levels as explained above. NAD therapy aids in the natural production of energy by the cells present in the body.
    Improves mental clarity
  4. Dramatically improves neurological functions and brain health. Drugs and alcohol have been shown in numerous studies to directly affect the brain cells. This leads to degenerative neurological conditions that are halted and treated by NAD therapy.
  5. Reduces depression and anxiety. This helps addicts who are struggling with anxiety and depression as one of their withdrawal symptoms. This means that the NAD therapy raises the life expectancy of the society.
  6. Aids in addiction recovery for people who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine, and opioids, among others.
  7. Works as an anti-aging treatment because it helps the body alter the way it appears, metabolizes, and other body processes. It lengthens the telomeres that are protective caps present in the ends of the chromosomes. These chromosomes get short as a person ages.

The NAD Amino Acid Treatments Process

The initial treatment process at our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana behavioral health center starts at about 18 hours and depending on the application it could be more. This is conducted under medical supervision and highly regulated. Here is a sample breakdown of what to expect during the treatment process. It may be more or less;

  • Eight (8) hours of 1000mg IV infusion of NAD
  • Six (6) hours of 750mg NAD
  • Four (4) hour infusion of 500mg for an estimated three (3) days

Normally, a person gets a signal infusion every day for a period of ten days. However, this is not standard, when you visit our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana center you will get a personalized treatment plan. Therefore, the dosage varies as per the patient.

At the beginning of the day, a qualified nurse begins the infusion process by insertion of an IV that introduces the NAD mixture. NAD therapy is so effective that the withdrawal symptoms of the patient begin subsiding in a matter of minutes. The patient goes back to a state of relaxation when the mixture is introduced to the body for an estimated eight hours.

Within a matter of days, patients have been reported to feel better and their mental clarity improves. A patient is advised to go through and complete every infusion process to get rid of their alcohol and drug cravings.

Learn More About treatment Centers for Drug Addiction

treatment-centers-for-drug-addiction-provide-different-services-learn-how-they-differThis article explained the benefits of NAD amino acid treatments. As you can see it help with drug and alcohol addiction. However, it also greatly helps with overall health for individuals who don’t have substance abuse issues. From anti-aging, physical health, and mental health it has many advantages.

If your loved one has tried rehabilitation center treatment and failed, you might want to try NAD therapy at our intensive outpatient drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana center. After failing on substance abuse treatment, it may be difficult to get back to this form of treatment. Getting treatment should not have to be this difficult. Maybe the NAD amino acid treatments could be what was missing. Even though this treatment plan may seem extremely successful, you cannot count on it as the sole treatment mode for your rehabilitation. The ultimate recovery can only happen when you decide to act on the root of the issue that is triggering your alcohol and drug abuse. Give us a call today at (317) 606-8778 and get healthy!