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Cicero clinic offers alternative to traditional addiction treatment

The procedure involves 10 to 15 days of intravenous infusions of NAD, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), which is a coenzyme essential for energy in every cell of the body, mixed with a Myers vitamin cocktail and Glutathione that boosts healing, 



From heroin to prescription pills, Indiana is ranked 15th in the nation for overdose deaths.

"It's not discriminating, there's no racial boundaries," says Joe Pappas.

He's one of the thousands of Hoosiers who have lost a loved one to an overdose.

His son, Aristotle, a standout football player at Bishop Chatard High School, died from prescription opiods in September 2015.

He was 24.

Pappas says, "It just really, really brought my attention to the issue it just really put it in the forefront for me."

His love for his son is why Joe Pappas has dedicated the past few years to making sure no other family has to live through that pain.

He founded Emerald Neuro-Recover Center that uses an all natural approach to drug and alcohol dependence and addiction.

It's called NAD I-V therapy treatment to help reduce if not eliminate cravings.

The Center's Medical Doctor, Gabriel Rosenberg, says "It's a co-enzyme. It's an enzyme we have in our body. With the addict they have a marked decrease in the amount, especially in the brain and what we're doing is restoring the brain."

"I tried marijuana when I was 11. And it just kind of progressed from there," says A.J. Pappas, who is the second cousin of the center's founder.

Now 18-years-old, A-J's addiction included oxycontin and heroin. When we met with him he was was four days into the treatment.

"Honestly, it's amazing. Like being able to sleep and being able to eat. I am gaining trust back in small amounts at time."

Greg Holman was the center's first patient. After 14-years of addiction and 15 days of treatment he's been clean for almost a year.

"When I was done it just blew the lid off the water. I mean, I felt like a completely different person. It took me a good two weeks to understand how I was feeling."

Michael Purichia conquered a 10-year prescription addiction. He's been clean now for over six months with a restored relationship with his son.

He says, "I'm healthier. I'm working out everyday. I'm eating good. It's mental clarity." 

For Joe Pappas his life's mission is clear--to help others win the battle of addiction in honor of his son, who he says was a voracious reader, a movie buff, and a lover of life.

"If we could just save one person at a time from living the life of heroin addiction and other addictions, then we're doing good work," says Pappas.


In Part 2 of Eyewitness News Anchor Andrea Morehead's meeting with Jolinda Wade, the mother of NBA star Dwayne Wade, she visited a treatment center in Cicero that provides support, hope and natural treatment for opioid addiction that patients say is working to keep them clean. 

"Dwyane said, 'You go mom, because the only thing your story is going to do it's gonna help somebody,'" Jolinda said.

Her son believes it's important for her to tell the truth about opioids.

"When I met heroin, oh my God, we became real good buddies. Immediately I was hooked on that first toot," she said.

Jolinda Wade has been clean for the past 16 years after a long drug addiction battle and time in jail as Dwyane was growing up. She eventually beat it and several potential overdoses, she says, thanks to her faith.

"I knew it had to be the Lord that woke me up," Wade said.

Now she spreads that message of hope and healing from addiction around the nation, including Indiana, in Cicero at the Emerald Neuro-Recover Center. The center uses an all-natural approach to drug and alcohol dependence and addiction.

In April, I met with Greg, and Michael, who are still clean after receiving the NAD I-V therapy treatment which they say restored their brain and took away their drug cravings.

A current patient says, "You can just feel it working. I mean, the second they put it in my arm, it's like toxins are like getting taken out of your body."


NBA star's mom brings message of recovery to Cicero clinic

It's success stories like those that keep Jolinda spreading the word to warn others to know the warning signs when prescription drug use turns into abuse.

She also wants addicts to quickly get help so you never have to find "Divine Grace Behind The Walls," which is a book written she’s written about her experience of drug addiction and recovery - or death.

"Don't give up. As long as we don't give up the fight there is a chance to come out," Wade said.


FOX 59, Anchor Tanae Howard

Carmel man celebrates year of sobriety after medical treatment takes drug cravings away 

CARMEL, Ind. – Last year, FOX59 met the first patient at Emerald Neuro-Recover Center, where addicts undergo treatments to take cravings away.

We recently checked back in with Greg Holman to see how he’s doing after receiving a treatment called NAD Infusion Therapy.

"A true blessing to have my life back," Greg Holman said.

The cloud has been lifted. After battling with drugs for more than a decade, the 30-year-old has been clean and sober for one year now. He's in a loving relationship and spending more time with his family.

"I notice things every day now that I never noticed before and that I just passed by. Like a nice sunset. A good family dinner that intimate bond that was broken for so long and now having that back it means so much to me," Holman said.

NAD Therapy is a 10-day IV treatment that replenishes patients with a naturally occurring compound called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It targets the area of the brain that deals with cravings.

"Everything I looked up seemed very positive and hopeful and I did my own research on it and said, 'Well what can I lose?'" Holman said.

Emerald Neuro-Recover Center is the first clinic to offer the treatment in central Indiana. Joe Pappas opened the center after losing his own son to a drug overdose.

"A significant part of my grieving process has come through here and has turned to joy when I see other people being helped," Pappas said.

And seeing Greg become the man he was meant to be all along.

"I don't get any more joy out of anything than coming in here and see somebody get their life back and see the progressive stages day by day seeing their smile come back, seeing their appetite come back, seeing who they really are come back and it's a phenomenal thing," Holman said.

The center has treated 24 patients with an 87% success rate. The treatment is around $15,000, so they’re working with insurance companies to try to get it covered and other local groups that could help them get grant money.

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Pooler, GA- January 23, 2018 – Emerald Neuro Recover Center, a locally owned substance abuse treatment center, announced today it will be opening a new outpatient clinic in Pooler, GA in February 2018. Emerald Neuro Recover Center specializes in all-natural intravenous NAD+ therapy with NeuroRecoverTM formulas to help those with substance abuse issues overcome addiction and begin a life of meaningful recovery.

NAD+ therapy involves a high dose intravenous infusion of natural amino acids that is delivered directly into the bloodstream. This delivery method allows NAD+ to bypass the digestive system resulting in 100% absorption. NAD+ works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and within the neurons of the brain. When NAD+ levels are increased, cells produce more energy, DNA is repaired, and many other functions throughout the body and brain are optimized. As a result, patients experience increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving skills, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, improvement in mood, decreased anxiety levels, and reduced cravings for drugs and alcohol.



Emerald Neuro Recover Center, a locally owned substance abuse treatment center, opens March 1 in Pooler with an all natural, intravenous therapy  to provide restorative health. This is a progressive, new way to treat addiction, as opposed to going cold turkey and suffering debilitating withdrawal.

 Emerald Neuro Recover Center provides this innovative and alternative treatment in a calm, holistic outpatient setting. Each patient has an individualized treatment protocol based on their needs and condition. Highly skilled clinical staff oversee infusions and monitor patient response to treatment. Shali Reynolds, MSN, ANP-BC owns and operates the practice and states; “There are over 23 million people suffering from substance abuse disorders in the US alone”. “Substance abuse has a profound and damaging effect on multiple brain circuits, therefore the focus of treatment must be reparative and restorative in nature; not simply avoidance of the abusive substance(s).” 

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