There are certain “ingredients” for the nightly “recipe” that makes for good sleep.  If any of these are missing or out of order, sleep may not occur as it is neurologically programmed to occur.

When the pattern of insomnia is awakening between 1 and 3 am with the mind full of thoughts and the body fully awake as if it’s not the middle of the night, or if one feels that way every evening until the body finally calms down at about 2 am, then Candida overgrowth is the primary culprit (see Candida page).  If the pattern of insomnia is a general inability to get a night of deep sleep, along with the other typical symptoms, the likely cause is hypothyroidism (see hypothyroidism page).  Finally, previous or current use of most potentially addictive medications, drugs, alcohol or marijuana tends to disrupt sleep (see Drug and Alcohol Dependence/Addiction).

Addressing any of these three pertinent areas are the most effective way to restore natural sleep.