Joe Pappas

Founder located in Carmel, IN

About Pappas

Joe graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, E.E.T. He has been involved in the medical field for 35 years. Joe started Cardio-Life, INC in 1987. Cardio-Life was an Independent Rep company that sold cardiac devices (pacemakers and defibrillators) to Physicians and Hospitals. Cardio-Life represented companies such as Pacesetter, Oscor, and St. Jude Medical. In 2005, Mr. Pappas sold Cardio-Life to St. Jude Medical and semi-retired. Boredom got the best of him and he became a sales consultant with Biotronik, INC. Mr. Pappas grew the Biotronik revenue footprint in Indiana from 100k/yr to 6 million/yr when he resigned and left the big corporate arena. His decision to leave corporate America was mainly due to the loss of his son Aristotle to prescription drugs overdose. Joe started Emerald Neuro-Recover in September of 2016. He has passion to make a difference in drug addiction by offering a unique and successful treatment available here in the Midwest.