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Emerald Neuro-Recover is full of truly talented and caring people. Our team has decades of combined experience in the wellness and addiction spaces backed by new science and progressive individual care. Each member of our staff commits to an ongoing understanding of their area of focus be that medical, emotional or mental health. Each person at Emerald Neuro-Recover brings a set of unique skills and talents to handle our truly unique clients.


Traditional medicine has widely been accepted as the only approach in medical treatment. While conventional medicine has its rightful place in our medical industries, Emerald Neuro-Recover seeks to go beyond these methods to serve clients at the root cause of their persistent ailments. Some call this functional medicine or holistic wellness, and while this is accurate, we believe combining both approaches to treatment gives our clients the best results for their unique circumstances.

Addiction Services

First and foremost, we serve individuals faced with addiction in all forms. From illegal drug-based addiction to legal prescription drug dependencies. We know that these issues are complex, difficult to talk about and even hard to accept. We also treat other addictions such as screenplay (gaming), pornography, binging and sleep aids. When you enter our doors, you enter a judgment-free space with people who are interested in helping you, or the person you love, to get back to a healthy and happy life.

Chronic Conditions

New approaches to treating chronic conditions are impacting the medical field today. Treatment of these conditions used to focus heavily on the management of the illness rather than treatment of their root-causes. Under the direction of Dr. John Humiston M.D., Emerald Neuro-Recover is treating these persistent issues with new methods and procedures.

Do you suffer from any of the following chronic conditions?

Fatigue / Migrane / Arthristis / Asthma / Diabetes/ Irritable Bowel / Thyroid / Crohns / Allergies / Hives / Candida / Mold / Metals OCD / ADD / ADHD / Autism / PTSD / Depression / PMS / PMDD / Infertility / Menopause / Testosterone / Fibromyalgia / Adrenal Fatigue / Immune disorders / Autoimmune / Fatty Liver / Herpes / Lyme / Hepatitis

If you are wondering how we can help you with any of these conditions, we encourage you to give us a call to talk about your pathway to wellness. You do not have to tolerate or manage your chronic condition for the rest of your life. Let’s change that prognosis today

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