These reviews show the poignant agony that we all know drug and alcohol addiction cause, but they also show something different – that there is an effective method to leave addiction and regain clarity and happiness, a method that works well not just for a few but for almost everyone.

(Several reviews were posted on 11/1/18, but they were gathered over time.)

I noticed I wasn’t craving drugs! Each day I thought less and less about them, and I even started thinking more clearly about my life and the good that was still left in it! My neurons where resetting, the chemical imbalance in my head was becoming balanced. I was becoming the person that I use to be before drugs had consumed my life.

Paul C.
Submitted 04/12/19

I was looking for a wellness center that administered glutathione and ozone/vitamin C IV therapies for a variety of maladies I was experiencing; the physician recommended a course treatment, which alternated the 2 1/2 hr IV drip therapies, every 3-5 days. At the end, my psoriasis and allergies subsided, my complexion glowed and I had newfound energy. I was elated!

Claudette H.
Submitted 04/10/19

I have the progressive alcoholism disease, and a long-time close friend did research and found Emerald Neuro-Recover and a friend who attended there and raved about it. Within the past ten years I have been to Passages Malibu twice, Betty Ford twice, LaVerna Lodge, and now Emerald Neuro-Recover. On the third day of 12 days of treatment, I had Zero cravings! The fourth day my mind was clear of any fogginess. My only side effects were fatigue (from sitting all day for IV’s) and a loss of appetite. Other ‘side effects’ included: looking much better and younger. Every friend I have seen since leaving Emerald Neuro-Recover has said how great I look, color in my face and my voice is back to the real me. My COO said, “I am back to my ‘A Game’”. A couple of people said I look 10-15 years younger since going to Emerald (In my 60’s)! This Company has a unique treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Their NAD+ protocol does more than eradicate addiction, it puts everything in chemical balance, liver, gallbladder, etc. to every cell in your body. Again, it is unique and comprehensive. It is the future of addiction recovery. They are a game-changer. I have used the word ‘Miraculous’ numerous times to friends. I got a DUI and they were extremely helpful in that regard also. Great team members who are very professional in a very nice environment. Five Stars plus…

John G.
Submitted 11/05/18

At 57 years old I had been through seven treatment centers. I would have overwhelming cravings. I had cravings come on me for three years after I was sober. Eventually, something came up and I succumb to the drinking. The only time I’ve ever not had cravings is after the NAD treatment. In my opinion, it is the crown jewel and the missing link of recovery. From the bottom of my heart, I wish every alcoholic and drug addict could do NAD. Because it’s so much easier staying sober and I never had any cravings after my treatment. I could even be around people who drank. It is a miracle to me and it’s the only thing that saved my life. AA did not save my life and other treatment centers did not save my life. I wish everyone knew about NAD therapy. It is a miracle. It truly is. It also gets rid of your anxiety and depression about the third day which was shocking to me. I started feeling good about myself, I looked better, my skin improved, I can’t even explain it and I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t done it.

Kathy D.
Submitted 11/01/18

By the second day, I felt like my anxiety and depression were gone. That amazed me. It does something to your brain that I cannot explain and it blows my mind still to this day. The nurses are so kind; it is the nicest, most loving atmosphere I have ever experienced. I’ve been in numerous rehab centers. Never expected to be treated with so much compassion.

Kathy D.
Submitted 11/01/18

I highly recommend Emerald Neuro- Recover. The Doctor and the staff members are wonderful. When the owners of the company stop in every day, including weekends, to see how you are doing or just to say hello, that speaks volumes. They are truly committed to turning one’s life around and saving lives. I am blessed to meet such caring and compassionate people. NAD treatment has restored my mind and body. Thank you Doctor Pabla, Amora, Gary, Jennifer, and Ray. Yesterday was History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a Gift! Thanks!

Tammy C.
Submitted 11/01/18

She came to me and said she has been using drugs, heroin, for about 2 years and she was done. I had not an idea she was using. The stories she told about shooting up and passing out and not knowing if she were going to live. Micah told us about this treatment center and brought us information. There are no words to express how thankful I am. Thank you is not adequate. God is good- my daughter had given up on people, she did not think there were any good people left in this world. She even said, after a few treatments she started coming back to being normal because she was normal. But after 2 to 3 days of treatment, you could see her thoughts were connecting again. She was talking more rational, then after several days of the treatments she looked at me when she came home, and she said You know mom, I had given up I thought there were not any good people out there, but I know now there are a lot of good people out there. Back to the people how helped, if there is anything I can ever do for them I will do it.

Amy A.
Submitted 11/01/18

It was an incredible difference than the first few days I was here. It is awesome but hard to explain in words. Around the 7th day was a big turning point for me. I am sleeping better and an overall better sense of wellbeing. I have been off and on everything, you can think of for 2 years. It is a living hell. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. It has been close to 3 years since I have felt anything close to this. This is my 10th day.

James H.
Submitted 11/01/18

I have my child back. That is the greatest thing in the world. I have my daughter back the way she was before all this happened.

Terri G.
Submitted 11/01/18

Before I came into Emerald, I was an abuser of not just one drug but multiple drugs. In March, I was downtown and tried to walk away from an altercation my friend was in. As I was walking away, I was struck in the back of the head. I was knocked unconscious. They cracked my head, broke the back of my skull, broke my jaw, and bruised the right side of my brain. I had two places in my brain which were bleeding. My mother saw on the news about the NAD TREATMENT and recommended it to me. At that point, I was very desperate because my brain was in a lot of pain. I could not go for more than four hours without a painkiller. I told my mom I was ready to try anything. After the first day, I felt no need for a painkiller. I did not feel any withdrawal from the painkillers. Before my NAD treatment, I had taken 120 painkillers. After the first day, there was no need for painkillers and the constant pain in my head was no longer present. After day 5 or 6 days my brain started feeling real sharp. I would tell someone to give me a math problem, so I can see how fast I could get it done. After 10 days my brain felt like it did before I ever did drugs or the concussion occurred. NAD REALLY MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE.

Cameron C.
Submitted 11/01/18

After going through the treatment of NAD I feel like I felt before I started using, and I didn’t think that I would ever feel that way again.

Wes M.
Submitted 11/01/18

I can’t say enough about Emerald. They didn’t just provide our son with the tools for recovery, they became part of our family. His doctor, nurses, and therapists invested themselves in his well-being as if he was their son. And for their care and compassion, we are eternally grateful.

Carrie F.
Submitted 08/17/18

It was like going through a door. On one side of the door was the feeling that my condition was very fragile, the fear that out-of-control episodes would return, the agony of trying to get off the medications but failing. On the other side of the door was simply freedom from all that. I reduced by half my medications in the week before the treatments, then stopped entirely on the first day. I’ve never gone back to any of them. I again know the sweet feeling of satisfaction and happiness in daily activities, instead of the former emptiness.

Bill L.
(14 years of antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication dependence)

I was absolutely reluctant and couldn’t see how amino acids could make that much of a difference. I noticed an immediate difference at the end of the first day. My mind was quiet! I don’t have constant thoughts and ‘ negativity running through my head. , It’s a new unexpected freedom. I don’t have near the cravings I used to. My mind is lucid. I feel contentment most of the time. I have energy and feel motivated. There is mental stability I have never experienced before.

Brent S.
(had continuing symptoms from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine abuse even after nineteen years of sobriety)