The following comments came from eleven consecutive patients we recently treated in 2020, and are used with their permission. Although we cannot guarantee every patient will achieve these results, in our experience these results are typical.
These eleven patients received treatment for anywhere from 7 to 14 days, on average 9 days.

Patient comments:

“I feel it has been extremely effective in repairing damage done to my brain. I notice huge improvements in mental clarity, ability to handle stress and problem-solving.”

Specific positive changes? “Ability to focus, clear mind, better decision-making, decreased anxiety, and overall positivity.

“I feel like I am finally healthy and my brain is working as it should, therefore I have no desire to return to these substances… It is a life-changing and miraculous treatment. Never have I felt so good so quickly when getting clean. And the amount it diminishes withdrawal is unmatched.”

Heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis, nicotine

“I’ve seen an improvement in headspace and focus [and] less anxious.”

Would you recommend this program to a friend who was struggling with addiction? “Absolutely!”

Klonopin, antidepressants (Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Pristiq)

“It’s been amazing, life-changing… Clarity, lack of wanting to drink, better sleep, less anxiety and depression.”

Would you recommend the program? “I would tell them it is an amazing opportunity to get their life back safe, healthy and quick.”

Name Withheld

“Definitely jumpstarted my brain and gave me clarity. Feel sharper than I did a week ago.”

Specific positive changes? “Clarity, joy, enthusiastic about life. No longer compelled to addiction nearly as much as before.”

Name Withheld
Nicotine, cannabis, alcohol

“I feel more confident and clear-headed. I feel quite refreshed, confident, thoughtful.”

Would you recommend the program? “I would encourage them strongly to get the help offered at this great clinic… I thought everyone was very caring and helpful! CJ, Emily and Ginger are the best! Really awesome professionals.”

K. G.
Nicotine, work burnout

“I feel amazing. [Improved] mood, wellbeing, clarity. I feel confident that I have another tool to use to bring my health back. I recommend it to everyone.”

Name Withheld
Nicotine, alcohol, other substances in the past

“I have been here six days and I feel I have more energy and clearer thoughts. I’m thinking about things I want to finish when I get home.”

Specific positive changes? “Clearer thoughts and wanting to interact with people with a clear mind. My memory is getting better… I am very hopeful and want to keep my positive attitude to make it work for me.”

Would you recommend the program? “I would encourage them to have a consultation with Dr. Humiston because he is very informative. I would tell them to be totally honest and they will get honesty in return.”


“Extremely effective!!! No cravings – I’m happy, motivated, and loving life!”

Methamphetamine, cannabis, opiates, nicotine, antidepressants

“Very professional, very attentive, very accessible and genuinely interested in the patient’s health and wellbeing. I had as much time with Dr. Humiston as I wanted. Dr. Humiston was always willing to listen which gave him a more detailed account of my condition for which he was able to tailor a program specifically for me. Everyone at Emerald went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at ease during my treatment.

“The treatment has been very effective at repairing the damage from years of wear and tear on my body. I feel remarkably better in terms of mental focus, energy level and a decreased craving for alcohol. I am also on the Candida program which helps to correct issues involving the digestive system and liver. The Candida program has eliminated my digestive tract issues which were causing me abdominal pain every day. Supplementing these treatment programs is Regina, a passionate person who wants to help you recover and live a life of joy and happiness. Regina helped me develop the tools necessary to keep me on the straight and narrow after my treatments at Emerald are over. These three treatment approaches provided me a comprehensive program for curing the mind, body and soul. I am forever grateful to Dr. Humiston, Shaunna and Regina for their passionate pursuit of helping me and all who come their way.

“I am confident that I will not abuse alcohol like I did in the past primarily because I’m in a much better place now mentally and physically.”

Would you recommend the program? “Don’t even think about it. Make an appointment with Dr. Humiston as quick as you can. The comprehensive treatment is effective at correcting all the issues that accompany addiction.”

Alcohol, work burnout

“I notice a major difference. More than I ever expected. Thought process is much more clear, able to think through things clearly before jumping to conclusions.”

Specific positive changes? “Clarity of mind. Better decision-making skills. No craving for alcohol. Enhanced empathy. Higher level of detail. Being more certain of my goals or higher level of confidence. More patience. And more… I feel complete.

“The passion and level of care here is astounding. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you!”

Name Withheld
Alcohol, work burnout

“Very helpful and healing. I didn’t know how much wear/tear was put on my brain until doing this treatment/recovery.”

Specific positive changes? “Sharpness, calm, peace, ease. No more boredom. Normalness. [I’m] confident future use will not be an issue, I have no desire to drink anymore.”

Would you recommend the program? “I would tell them to do it. It was a great experience. I didn’t know what to expect when I first came, but it was awesome. It really helped me recover. Also, the staff/team was awesome, helpful, personable, compassionate.”

Name Withheld
Alcohol, nicotine, work burnout