Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD and ADHD are much more common today than they were 40-50 ago. We have found that the primary cause of this increase is the high prevalence of Candida (yeast) overgrowth in industrialized countries.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

Attention – The active suppression of other thoughts, feelings, and impulses that allows for concentration to happen is not occurring normally

Impulse control – Instead of being able to keep a thought/feeling/impulse under normal inhibitory control, it escapes into an expression

Aggression – Same as impulse control – normal inhibition is chemically overwhelmed and behaviors escape unchecked

Hyperactivity – Irritation of the nervous system in general results in excess signals to muscles to move

The trouble with changes in routine – This is more a matter of dopamine being fatigued

Candida Treatment Helps Attention Deficit disorder (ADD)

What is the best treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)? The answer may surprise you because many physicians treat it with common medications. Dopamine-related agents like Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and methamphetamine effectively improve symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but do not address the underlying disorder and also cause lasting changes in the natural dopamine neurotransmission.

At Emerald Neuro Recover addiction and brain healing services, we treat the entire individual. Unlike common medications, Candida is much more effective. Candida treatment in our clinical experience has been found to be very effective in decreasing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Some patients also benefit from IV NeuroRecover when there has been damage to the dopamine system of the brain.