Work burnout is affecting many across the United States. It affects a wide range of demographics from adolescents to older adults. The common use of the web in the younger population and individuals over 45 that are losing sharpness at work are affected.

Work Burnout and Internet Addiction Damages the Brain

Our brains are human tissue, just like our knee cartilage or our stomach is human tissue. We really don’t think of our brains in this same category. The fact is that brains can be overworked to the point of tissue damage is tough to grasp. It is like our knee joint can wear out from use or stomach can wear out from bad diet and stress.  This tissue damage can be so much that no amount of rest or nutrition will fully bring it back.  And this can occur even without drugs!

What are some of the things that can damage the brain?

  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • psychiatric medications
  • strokes
  • concussions

How Does Work burn Out Damage the Brain?

The system gets damaged with either too many years and too many hours of work. In the US there is much responsibility at work. With adolescents, it’s too many hours every day of “screen” use (computer of a cell phone). This affects the dopamine system.

Dopamine is what allows you to feel reward or fulfillment for having done something that should be pleasurable.  If you arrive at the point where you are not feeling as much or even any fulfillment from what used to be a rewarding activity, it’s time to seek help.

Even if the daily routine seems just too routine and has no real pleasure you may need help. Sometimes the need to do something really intense or exciting to just feel alive can be a signal your dopamine system is overworked and damaged.

When Does Burn Out Signal You Need Help?

How-NAD-amino-acid-therapy-relieves-work-burn-outWork burnout often occurs in a work situation where a person is over 45 years old and is still very busy at work. they are starting to lose sharpness and interest but feels compelled to keep going.  It also occurs very commonly with adolescents and others who overuse the computer or cell phone and become essentially addicted to the dopamine stimulation that comes from the flash on the screen and the anticipation of the subject in view.  The common areas of addiction with screens are pornography, video games, social media and binge streaming of movies or TV shows.

Be careful work burn out can lead to addiction issues. Sometimes with burnout signs of depression may be found that could lead to drug and alcohol addiction issues. Since the dopamine levels are not being filled, some turn to drugs and alcohol to boost these levels.

Treating Work Burnout and Internet Addiction Without Medications

Just like there are ways to treat anxiety without prescriptions, you can treat work burnout. In our clinical experience, we have found that intravenous support from NeuroRecover NAD and amino acids assists the natural repair of this damaged dopamine system so that people obtain a lasting restoration of normal feelings of contentment and fulfillment.