Our medical staff has extensive training and experience both in general medicine and the special skills needed to treat addictions successfully.

John E. Humiston, M.D.

Medical Director

John E. Humiston, M.D.As Medical Director of Emerald Neuro-Recover, John E. Humiston, M.D. offers a unique and extensive background in functional medicine and addiction treatment. His approach is to evaluate all of the patient’s current medical conditions, then to uncover the health disorders of the patient’s past which have contributed to the present situation. The treatment plan is formed based on correcting the underlying disorders at their root causes, using medicines, supplements and/or nutrients as required by the body to restore normal function. The effectiveness of this approach relies on a correct understanding of normal physiology (healthy function), which conditions cause pathology (illness) and why, and how to correct those conditions to restore normal functioning. A typical example of this approach would be resolving depression, insomnia or fatigue by giving proper thyroid medication to a patient whose thyroid hormone levels may be technically within the laboratory’s stated “normal” range, but are in reality below normal for that person.

A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Humiston earned his medical degree in 1995 from the Medical College of Wisconsin, served as a battalion surgeon in the U.S. Marine infantry, then finished family practice residency at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital and became board certified in family medicine. After completing naval service, he learned the pioneering technique of NeuroRecover for addictions, as well as several other innovative scientific approaches to various chronic conditions.

Dr. Humiston has provided effective treatment to thousands of patients with difficult conditions, many of whom did not respond to typical medications. He has lectured nationally on treatments for addiction and Candida overgrowth, and trains fellow physicians on the NeuroRecover program for addictions, being the most experienced physician with this technique in the United States. Dr. Humiston brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to Emerald to assist patients in regaining clarity, energy and lasting wellness.

CJ Rutledge, Certified Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomist, IV Technician

CJ RutledgeCJ is very experienced with both functional medicine approaches and specifically with NeuroRecover treatment for brain healing. He has helped many patients receive these therapies and has seen them get impressive improvement consistently. He has also had occasion to use the therapies employed at Emerald for his own health issues.

CJ is a native of Indiana, but has travelled extensively as part of several years of military duty in the U.S. Navy. His strong athletic background, his military experience and his journey to successfully regain his own health give him expertise and compassion for those who come for treatment.


Addiction Counselor

JRegina Lee, LAC, ICADAC, CADAC IIAs Emerald Neuro-Recover’s chief addiction counselor, Regina A. Lee has worked in the social service field for the past 33 years; 25 of those years have been dedicated to addiction:

She offers personalized one-on-one therapy sessions to people recovering from addiction and working to rebuild their lives. A native of Indianapolis, Ms. Lee is a survivor of decades of drug and alcohol addiction and was incarcerated for nine years in the Indiana state penal system. She has been sober for over thirty years and can personally relate to the intense physical and psychological challenges addicts go through as they navigate a world without dependence on chemical substances and a life of building new relationships.

Ms. Lee has dedicated her life to being a beacon of hope for those that struggle with the disease of addiction.

Ms. Lee is certified as an Addictions and Drug Abuse Consultant by ICAADA and as an addiction counselor by the Mental Health board of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. She is a licensed ordained minister and was instrumental in creating the first welfare-to-work program for Goodwill Industries.

* Attended Crispus Attucks High School
* Attended Clark Community College; studied Communication
* Attended Pontiac Business College; studied Marketing
* Attended Fairbanks Research & Training Institute
* Accomplished Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, Licensed Certified Addiction Counselor
* Qualified Mental Health Provider
* Skilled Phlebotomist creating the first mobile outreach testing for HIV
* Extensive training as a Recovery Coach

She has worked in the social service field for the past 33 years; 25 of those years have been dedicated to addiction:

* Programming
* Creating
* Restructuring
* Coordinating
* Management

* Salvation Army Harbor Light Center- Advisory Council Active Member since 2006 current to date
*Jim Byrne Award- Outstanding Neighborhood Involvement – May 17, 1994
*Dr. Frank W. Blanning Achievement Award – Demonstrating Leadership, Perseverance, & Dedication which advances the mission of OAR – 1/20/1995
*Heroes for Recovery Mental Health America of Indiana – Presents the Consumer Advocate Award 2014
*Co-Founder of A New Beginning Non-for-Profit for women incarcerated
*Founder of “Women of Courage” Outreach Ministries for Women & Children in Crisis

Gary Padjen

Gary PadjenThe opiate epidemic in our country has been of personal interest to me. As I was growing up but still at a young age, I saw my mother suffer 20 years of torture through constant surgeries which included heavy opiate medication. This was overwhelming and pretty much incapacitated her. During those times, I wished God would just take her because all the suffering she was experiencing.

Finally, a young physician admitted her into the hospital and rendered a detox treatment for her. This was in the late 1970’s and detox programs were not a pleasant experience; basically, quitting “cold turkey!”

After nearly two months of being locked in an addiction ward, she walked out of the facility with a lot less pain and with a clear mind. After finishing her program, she was so against any type of medication she would not even take an aspirin.

Best of all, I finally had my mother back!

While the results were absolutely amazing, the difficult and sad reality was she wasted and suffered through 20 years of her life fighting the pain medicine that her doctors continued to prescribe in unbelievable dosages.

As a former college and NFL football player, I have seen many of my former teammates go through physical, mental and financial struggles due to opiate abuse and addiction. Many of them kept their addiction as a dirty little secret to others but were severely suffering inside.

After being exposed to the NeuroRecover NAD plus amino acids all-natural detox treatment, I saw unbelievable results with a number of patients. That’s when I knew this was my calling and I had to get involved. I want to see people with addiction problems break the handcuffs and be free. I am absolutely convinced this treatment can save a lot of lives.