Outpatient Opiate Detox Carmel, Indiana

Emerald Neuro Recover intensive outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana provides evidenced-based NAD amino acid therapy during the detoxification process. This medical process reduces withdrawal and speeds up the detoxification process. It also helps to quickly restore the body and mind to think clearly during this critical process.

What is Outpatient Opiate Detox Carmel Indiana?

Our outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana program work to remove toxins from the body. When someone misuses prescription drugs or opiates, his or her body has to work hard to remove the drugs from it. When an individual’s body is free of the toxins, he or she has completed the detox process.

Traditionally this is when the patient can think more clearly. This means the patient will be better able to participate in his or her treatment. However, Emerald Neuro Recover’s outpatient opiate detox facility helps speed up this process. With our patented drug rehabs Carmel Indiana NAD amino acid detox therapy drastically reduces withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, it allows mental health counseling during the detoxification process.

Some patients can quit drugs or alcohol and manage their withdrawal symptoms. But many addicts need help with the painful symptoms of withdrawal. Medical detox programs allow a client to withdraw from drugs or alcohol with supervision in a comfortable setting.

Types of Opiate Detox

There are two types of opiate detox. One type is medically supervised detox and the other is clinically managed. With a medically supervised program, patients are detoxing with medical and mental health professionals. Medical detox is effective because people who are withdrawing from prescription drugs or opiates may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. These patients benefit from medications to ease the horrific withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings for their drug of choice.

The other type is clinically managed opiate detox. Doctors and nurses do not manage the withdrawal process here. The program will have comfortable rooms for patients who are detoxing. It also uses supportive therapies to help patients in the detoxification process. Examples of these therapies are massage and meditation. The patient does receive professional therapy during the detox process to help him or her cope.

What Are the Stages of Detoxification?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) says there are three steps for detox programs. First, the patient undergoes an evaluation. An intake specialist will test for the presence of opiate drugs. You talk with an intake counselor about the severity of your addiction. And, at this time, at our outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana, you will also undergo a mental health assessment. This is because mental illness often co-occurs with addiction. In addition, there is a medical assessment to determine overall health. Once the addiction counselors have completed the assessment, the patient and the intake specialist can choose the best detox program.

During the second stage of opiate detox, the person undergoes the actual opioid detox process. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment center will put the patient into a room to receive comfort meds during his or her detox. Or, the patient may stay in a comfortable room, so he or she can rest. The program will use medical intervention or other therapies to keep the patient comfortable from withdrawal.

The third step is to move the patient into a treatment program. This could mean inpatient, or Emerald Neuro Recover intensive outpatient drug rehabs Carmel Indiana substance abuse treatment. Opiate detox alone is not enough to ensure long-term recovery. The patient needs to address the co-occurring mental health disorder and get the tools to sustain sobriety. An intake counselor will discuss the choices your young adult has. Some detox programs stand-alone, while others are part of a larger treatment program.

Outpatient Opiate Detox Carmel, Indiana Advantages

There are two key advantages with our outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana program. An outpatient treatment program allows individuals to continue working and spending time with loved ones. This keeps individuals engaged in real life. The second advantage is the NAD amino acid therapy speeds up the detoxification process and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

The outpatient opiate substance abuse treatment therapy plan allows individuals to visit the treatment facility during the day. They then return to the comfort of their own homes at night. Many clients prefer an outpatient drug addiction treatment program versus inpatient care. This allows the client to continue working and maintaining family responsibilities. These are key factors when receiving an opioid or prescription drug detox including the mental health therapy they need. An intensive outpatient addiction treatment program is also less expensive compared to 24-hour care.

How Long Does It Take for Drugs to Out of Your System?

SAMHSA says there is no specific amount of time a person needs for opiate detox. The amount of time depends on the patient and the type of drug he or she is addicted to. It also depends on the length of time prescription medications or opiates have been misused.

Some patients only need a few days. While others may take weeks for the drug to leave their systems completely. The length of detox can also depend on the setting of the program. In addition, it depends on any previous attempts at detox, as well as the goals of the patient. Most patients stay in detox a little longer than a week.

Outpatient Opiate Detox Carmel, Indiana Provides NAD Amino Acid Therapy

The outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana program attracts individuals from across the US. This unique evidenced-based substance abuse program helps with opiate detoxification. Drug addiction alters the brain and reward system. Thus, the body needs amino acids to repair these faulty areas. Detox involves the body processing out substances of abuse. With medical detox, supervision is provided. An individual’s entire medical history needs to be considered as well as their history with substance abuse and attempts at recovery. In addition, a team of qualified professionals will guide the treatment with a personalized plan to meet each client’s specific assessment.

Emerald’s NAD amino acid therapy involves a high dose IV infusion that goes directly into the bloodstream. This is the only way to rapidly repair cells throughout the body and within the neurons in the brain. DNA is repaired and many other functions throughout the body and brain are optimized. Addiction depletes NAD levels. A significant increase in NAD levels helps to restore brain functionality.

As a result, this innovative and alternative treatment helps patients experience increased clarity of mind. It also allows for;

  • better problem-solving ability
  • improved focus
  • increased concentration
  • more energy
  • improvement in mood
  • decreased anxiety levels
  • reduced cravings for misused prescription drugs and opiates

NAD Amino Acid Therapy Speeds Up the Detox and Treatment Process

NAD amino acid therapy reduces withdrawal and speeds up the detox process. However, medications may also be prescribed to address specific withdrawal symptoms. Some of these include anti-nausea medications for intestinal issues or over-the-counter pain relievers to ease aches and pains. Alternative forms of pain and symptom management are provided based on the outpatient detox plan. they may include recommended balanced nutrition, adequate hydration, and massage therapy.

While most of the addiction therapy takes place once the person has stabilized after withdrawal, some therapeutic meetings will begin during detox treatment. Psychological support is a key component of this early stage of recovery. Without adequate support during detox therapy, a relapse can occur.

Clients at our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana medical facility engage with Emerald counselors and support staff while they attend the clinic outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana program. One main goal of our counselors is to help ensure the client has a solid support structure at home, with friends, and family.  This is a critical component of the assessment and treatment planning process upon admission.

The Opiate Detox Carmel Indiana Difference

The unique NAD amino acid therapy at our outpatient opiate detox Carmel, Indiana facility speeds up the detox process. This is what attracts individuals from across the United States to our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. When you are evaluating detox programs there are some key areas that you need to ask about.

One of the biggest factors is the cost and you must ask about payments and insurance options. While this should not be the main factor in receiving the treatment you may be looking for centers that take your insurance. Some detox centers charge patients based on the duration of their treatment. Others charge a flat fee for the detox process. Be sure they can treat your specific needs and are not offering cookie-cutter treatment.

Remember the length of the detox process is usually about 7-10 days. This may be sped up with NAD amino acid therapy. In addition, this therapy reduces withdrawal and allows individuals to get mental health treatment while in detox. The specific experience depends on the person and the substance of abuse. A person withdrawing from alcohol will have a different experience than one withdrawing from opiates. Individual assessment will determine the specifics of the withdrawal experience. Differences include a person’s age, gender, metabolism, history of substance abuse, as well as physical and mental health status.

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