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Our outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana facility fights the oldest addiction on earth. Many means have been devised to understand and combat alcoholism over the centuries, such as the 12-Step Program. However, success has been limited. Fortunately, today the nature of alcohol addiction is scientifically better understood than ever, and Neuro Recover provides a very effective means to help heal the brain affected by alcoholism.

How Our Alcohol Detox in Carmel, Indiana Provides Health Services

Emerald Neuro Recover outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana utilizes a series of medical treatments. They are designed with counseling where a client is helped to overcome both the physical and psychological reliance on alcohol. Our primary objective for the alcohol addiction treatment program is to assist the client to achieve a substance-free lifestyle.

Our unique, evidenced-based NAD amino acid therapy at our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana center will immediately relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. This allows us to address any additional medical or psychiatric issues. Our outpatient alcohol detox treatments prepare the client for success in a long-term rehabilitation program. This unique therapy produces a final outcome of detoxification and sobriety. The objective of our personalized treatment will include a long-term plan to maintain an alcohol-free living. Your plan for successful recovery will include psychological, family, and social changes to help ensure your rehabilitation continues.

(NIH) Alcohol and Opiate Detox NAD Amino Acid Therapy Improves Outcomes

According to the NIH amino acid therapy improves outcomes with addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction alters the brain and its’ reward system. The only way to repair or re-route these areas is with amino acids. There are only two ways to get the core amino acids. They are through proper diet or intravenously. Through diet, it could take a year. The reason is it has to pass through the blood barrier of the brain. Through diet, there is only a 10% absorption rate. When used intravenously under medical supervision the absorption rate increases to about 90%.

The NIH also concluded that there are other benefits that come with NAD amino acid therapy. Some of these include;

  • removal of destructive free radicals, toxins, metabolites and fat-soluble molecules (commonly found with individuals suffering from addiction
  • enhancement of immune and liver functions
  • accelerated recovery, with reversal of many of the common mental, emotional, and physical symptoms of sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction Affects Many Parts of the Body

Alcohol detox centers are need to clear the brain and body of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol does not primarily affect just one area of the brain, as most drugs do. It affects calming or inhibitory systems (GABA), excitatory systems (NMDA and glutamate) and reward centers (dopamine). That may not sound so bad, but it must be remembered that voluntary, stable and happy functioning of the brain absolutely depends on all these systems working tightly together in a balanced way. When alcohol or any other mind-altering substance is used, the receptivity of these systems is damaged, and the systems no longer respond as designed. People find temporary relief (not enjoyment, just relief) by using more alcohol. However, the damage deepens, the number of alcohol increases and the person’s life gets worse and worse.

The other aspect of alcoholism that is unique and not shared by other drugs is that it is a fermented substance. Beer, vodka, red wine and whiskey lead the pack in this characteristic. The continual use of any fermented substance in excess will gradually but surely alter the body’s microbial flora, particularly in the digestive system, and abnormally increase the number of fungal organisms in the body. This is why sugar craving is very common among alcoholics. The excess fungi in the body essential become a parasitic presence, which lives off of both the sugars in the diet as well as B vitamins. This likely explains why severe alcoholics actually sustain brain damage (Korsakoff Syndrome).

Why Outpatient Alcohol Detox Carmel, Indiana Includes Counseling?

A critically important factor with our outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana protocol is counseling. As with any complete alcohol treatment, competent counseling is a necessary part of helping the alcoholic build a plan and a life that will empower him or her to continue on the path of success. Our professional counselor is seasoned and compassionate, and she will start counseling during treatment and make a solid continuing plan for each patient to continue forward.”

Alcohol detoxification can be completed safely and effectively in an intensive outpatient treatment setting. There are advantages and disadvantages of an alcohol intensive outpatient detoxification program. Your medical consultation with our staff will consider the influence a detoxification setting may have on the result of your long-term treatment.
Outpatient Detoxification

What to Expect During Our Outpatient Alcohol Detox?

Clients receiving the Emerald intensive outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana treatment are expected to travel to our center and additional mental health treatment facilities as required for treatment sessions. The sessions are usually scheduled for daytime but may include evening hours, depending on your individual program. After the initial assessment, which will including intake history, physical examination, ordering of laboratory tests, and the initiation of the NAD + Amino detoxification treatment, usually takes several hours on the first day of detoxification. Subsequent daily can last several hours per day.

The duration of treatment may range from 8- 14 days. The average duration of treatment for outpatients is 10 days, significantly shorter than the average duration for inpatient detoxification the process of detoxification includes treatment of acute withdrawal symptoms, which vary from mild Tremor and insomnia to severe seizures, autonomic hyperactivity, and disorientation.

Medications may be provided to help reduce a patient’s withdrawal symptoms. Commonly prescribed drugs for this purpose are well established and not only reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms but also prevent alcohol withdrawal seizures, which can occur in a small percent of withdrawal patients. Clients with a history of seizures unrelated to alcohol withdrawal may be recommended anticonvulsant medication.

Alcohol Outpatient Detox Vs. Inpatient Detoxification

The Emerald Neuro alcohol outpatient detoxification includes education and counseling. this helps the patient prepare for long-term treatment, attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, recreational and social activities.

Clients who experience mild-to-moderate alcohol withdrawal syndrome with symptoms like hand tremor, perspiration, heart palpitation, restlessness, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, alcohol outpatient detox is safe and effective. It is also much less expensive and less time consuming than inpatient detoxification. Outpatients can experience more social support than inpatients. Outpatient treatment can provide greater freedom to work and maintain daily activities with less interruption, and treatment costs.

Why Alcohol Outpatient May Not Be  Good Fit?

Outpatient detoxification is not appropriate for all patients. Understand the best fit at our drug rehabs Carmel, Indiana center is key. Most alcohol treatment programs find that fewer than 10 percent of patients with alcohol withdrawal symptoms will need admission to an inpatient unit. Outpatient detoxification is not safe for alcoholic sat risk for potentially life-threatening complications of withdrawal, such as;

  • delirium tremens
  • pancreatitis
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • cirrhosis

In addition, outpatient detoxification is not appropriate for suicidal or homicidal patients, those with severe or medically complicated alcohol withdrawal, patients in an adverse or disruptive family or job situations, or patients who would not be able to travel daily to the treatment facility.

Alcohol Detox May Need Interventions

A significant number of alcoholics do not respond to treatment beyond detoxification. They “dry out” and then return to alcohol abuse. Many alcoholics repeat this cycle a few times and eventually enter long-term rehabilitation treatment. Some, however, continue to repeat this cycle as “detox-loopers” and exhibit the so-called “revolving-door” phenomenon.

Interventions are often used with our substance abuse rehabilitative treatment. These are introduced during our outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana treatment protocol. This is to help the alcoholic complete the process and prepare for the transition to long-term treatment. It is critical the interventions be introduced as early as possible. Such interventions will include treatment for;

  • psychological
  • physical
  • family
  • other needs including cue exposure which is the repeated exposure to the sight, smell, and taste of alcohol without the intoxication effects

This helps diminish the physiological and subjective responses originally associated with alcohol signals.

Why Choose Our IOP Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Detox Camel Indiana Addiction Treatment Center?

Very fortunately, the NeuroRecover outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana substance abuse program was originally developed to treat alcoholism. Alcohol remains the substance that responds most quickly to NeuroRecover therapy. The combination of a specified amount NAD and certain amino acids typically produces a rapid reduction of cravings as well as a prompt restoration of mental clarity and physical well being. In addition to the intravenous therapy to assist brain healing. At the same time, a program of both natural and prescription medications is initiated to decrease the fungal excess in the body.

This not only helps restore one’s physical well being but distinctly helps decrease cravings for alcohol and sugars. Thus both areas of damage caused by alcohol – the brain and the digestive system – are actively and effectively addressed. This brings about real change in the patient. The rapid and effective change significantly decreases the length and intensity of withdrawal. It also hastens the return to well being, which is very encouraging to the alcoholic who at other times has tried hard to quit and failed.

Give Emerald Neuro Recover intensive outpatient drug rehabs Carmel Indiana centers a call today at (317) 606-8778 and discuss how our unique outpatient alcohol detox Carmel Indiana program can reduce your withdrawal while receiving detoxification.

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