During the coronavirus season and the stay-at-home period through April 7th, Emerald as an essential business continues to remain open during our regular clinic hours for scheduled patient appointments, with these modifications:

  1. Any patient who feels ill must be cleared through a phone call with the physician before coming into the clinic.
  2. If a patient is ill with cough and a fever, or knows he or she may have recently had contact with a person who has coronavirus, he or she should not come to the clinic but instead should proceed to a hospital emergency room or other testing site for coronavirus testing.  (Coronavirus testing is not available at outpatient clinics such as Emerald.)
  3. Any Emerald staff member who has been exposed to a patient with coronavirus or who is ill must remain at home until cleared to return to work.

Telemedicine appointments are now available, and can be billed to your insurance just like a regular in-person appointment.  Available for both new and established patients.  All you need is a device with a camera, microphone and speaker (like your phone).  Same-day and next-day appointments available.

Emerald has immune-boosting therapies that help patients with colds and flus feel better.

Updated 23 March 2020