Chronic fatigue is a result of one or more body systems not working properly. Most people who have it had normal energy in the past but eventually became persistently tired. The key is discovering which body systems have been affected. Instead of looking for natural or synthetic energy boosters, or antidepressants to simply not feel sad about it.

What causes chronic fatigue?

Chronic fatigue has several factors that may be contributing to this disorder. They may all be working in consort triggering the major symptoms. some of the factors are;

  • undetected hypothyroidism
  • Candida (yeast) overgrowth
  • adrenal fatigue (inadequate stress hormone)
  • dopamine insufficiency from brain overuse
  • the effect of psychoactive substances (drugs and certain psychiatric medications)

As none of these conditions are adequately understood and addressed in the conventional approach, many people end up chronically tired with no answers except to turn to medications or stimulants.  However, there are accurate ways to diagnose and effective methods to treat these conditions, to restore normal energy.