How NAD+ Amino Acid Therapy Can Aid in the Recovery From Illness or Addiction

Every cell of your body contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD. This molecule is essential in activating your enzymes. Your enzymes control more than 500 biochemical reactions in your body, like supporting your metabolism and digestion. This makes NAD an essential component for keeping your body, internal organs, neurological system, and brain functioning at optimal levels.

Several things can decrease the levels of NAD in your body, especially illness and addiction. When you have low levels of NAD, your body has a harder time repairing damage and functioning on a cellular level. By raising your NAD levels, you can support your body, so it can heal more effectively.

Our team at Emerald Neuro-Recover Centers in Carmel, Indiana, understand the role illness and addiction play on the NAD molecules in your body. By offering NAD+ amino acid therapy, we can work to replenish these vital building blocks to help support your recovery.

The benefits of NAD+ amino acid therapy

When NAD attaches to other molecules, it helps generate energy and supports your body’s ability to heal. By flooding your system with NAD+ amino acid therapy, you can ensure that every cell in your body receives the nourishment it needs to support your recovery.

As an innovative, natural, and holistic therapy, high levels of NAD can provide numerous advantages, including:

NAD+ amino acid therapy also supports brain healing, which can offer deeper and more sound sleep, improved mental clarity, and mood stabilization.

What to expect during NAD+ amino acid therapy

During your appointment, we administer your NAD+ amino acid therapy intravenously using a slow IV drip. This approach ensures maximum absorption, because your infusion goes directly into your bloodstream instead of passing through your digestive system. We also customize each of our IV solutions to your needs, so we can tailor your treatment to your specific illness or addiction.

Depending on your dosage and the rate of its flow, your IV can take anywhere from 3-4 or 8-10 hours. For men and women with an illness, we may suggest a series of NAD+ amino acid therapy treatments for 3-4 days. If you’re recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, we may increase your treatment to 8-10 days.

After your NAD+ amino acid therapy treatment, you can continue supporting the effects of your IV therapy by taking oral supplements.

To see if NAD+ amino acid therapy can support your recovery, call Emerald Neuro-Recover Centers or schedule an appointment online today.

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