Gary Padjen

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The opiate epidemic in our country has been of personal interest to me. As I was growing up but still at a young age, I saw my mother suffer 20 years of torture through constant surgeries which included heavy opiate medication. This was overwhelming and pretty much incapacitated her. During those times, I wished God would just take her because all the suffering she was experiencing.

Finally, a young physician admitted her into the hospital and rendered a detox treatment for her. This was in the late 1970’s and detox programs were not a pleasant experience; basically, quitting “cold turkey!”

After nearly two months of being locked in an addiction ward, she walked out of the facility with a lot less pain and with a clear mind. After finishing her program, she was so against any type of medication she would not even take an aspirin.

Best of all, I finally had my mother back!

While the results were absolutely amazing, the difficult and sad reality was she wasted and suffered through 20 years of her life fighting the pain medicine that her doctors continued to prescribe in unbelievable dosages.

As a former college and NFL football player, I have seen many of my former teammates go through physical, mental and financial struggles due to opiate abuse and addiction. Many of them kept their addiction as a dirty little secret to others but were severely suffering inside.

After being exposed to the NeuroRecover NAD plus amino acids all-natural detox treatment, I saw unbelievable results with a number of patients. That’s when I knew this was my calling and I had to get involved. I want to see people with addiction problems break the handcuffs and be free. I am absolutely convinced this treatment can save a lot of lives.